Friday, June 01, 2007

Jule, Carrie, Lisa, Mert, and Karianne, THANK YOU

Thank you so much to you girls who responded to my post the other day that was crying out for help. You girls, each one of you, made me feel so much better about my parenting my littlest one.

Julie, thank you for reassuring me that it's OK to put her in the "cage" (lol).. You are right about them needing to develop the skill to self-entertain. I had totally forgotten about that because JD did that all on his own from the very beginning. I did it the very next day and the morning was so smooth I couldn't believe how great it went. Great advice (and I turned off the guilt too! It felt great!)

Carrie -- thanks for your input as well. Even though we've talked at length about this on the phone, knowing that you've been through this w/S makes me feel not quite so alone. Thank you for your love and encouragement through all of this (all of everything!)

Lisa, oh Lisa.. I love that I can look to you with your older girl and know that you've been through so much of what I'm going through, and will go through. It's so encouraging. Thanks for your words of wisdom, honey, and for your love and care.

Mert! Thank you for your helpful advice as well.. you are a new friend and I value your input as well. It sounds as if you're going through some of the very same things I am and you really have some good points. In fact, today I did indeed open up the Tupperware cupboard and let her have at it..she was in Tupperware Heaven and she was so much happier today and so was I.. I was not stressed about the mess.. the rest of the house looked great, so what was a little plastic around the kitchen? ;)

Karianne -- you are a doll and I loved all of your ideas. I think you might be right. Being a mother of a girlie is totally different then being a mom of a boy isn't it? *sigh* But it's all good! It's been my dream my whole life to have a daughter and well, sometimes the dream has to be adjusted to the personality and that's OK! ;) Thank you for all the great suggestions about tidying up the house -- what great, attainable goals you give yourself. I will definitely be using your suggestions. Love ya back!!

All of you -- thank you for your love and support. It means more then you could ever possibly know.

Cath :-)

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