Thursday, June 26, 2008

Little Katie Grace Story

Today Katie and I were hanging out on the floor playing and our bare feet were touching... she giggled everytime our toes touched, so I started doing it on purpose, loving that sweet giggle of hers.

I said.. "Are we playing 'toes Katie??"

Katie: "yesssss! .. Mommy! that Stickles!!!!"


Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I think we found our new school!!!!!! We went for an interview yesterday and Brian and I both felt a peace while we were there talking to the principal. The truths he spoke to us from God's word settled over us like cascades of water in a river... it was truly that obvious.

We left the school and just looked at each other, smiled. God has answered our prayers. We didn't feel the need to go visit the 3rd school on the list. This is The One.

A wise friend of mine told me it would be this way.. when we were in the right place, having had prayed about it and given this to God, who loves Jonathan even more then we do... then we would know. And you know what? We knew.

Thank you, Lord, for once again, taking care of us. We are excited again, about the future. God is so good!

Let the summer begin!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

a sad week

Jonathan finished 1st grade yesterday. He did so well... Made high honor roll all year, all straight A's.. we are so proud of him. We love his school so much. We have been sending him to a Christian school for the past 2 years and haven't once regretted the extra money for tuition. We have been blessed more then we can ask or imagine with the teachers he's had the past 2 years, for Kindergarten and 1st grade.

We found out 2 weeks ago that his school is closing. :( We're so heartbroken. We trust that God knows the future. We know that He is the author of our lives. And we believe that He loves Jonathan more then even we do. We are uncertain about what to do, and right now our immediate future is unsettled for our little guy.

Yesterday was a hard day, saying goodbye to friends and teachers and people we've come to love. Sometimes life really stinks. But we're trying to remember that He is in control. And He loves us. And it's all going to be ok. I will update when we find a school for Jonathan. In the meantime I'd appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

OK.. grrrr.. but Carrie saves the day!

anyone out there know a quick fix to what I just did to the posting of that last one?? ughhhh...

Sigh... I sucketh at photo posting. there always seems to be a problem!!

If I can't find a solution quick.. I'm sorry to everyone who has to click on each pic to see the whole thing. Yes, I'm rolling my eyes at my stupid blonde self!

ETA: Thank you, Carrie! My smart (un)blonde friend came to save the day!!! So my photos are fixed without too much ado!!! xoxo Carebear!! love you!

Memorial Day Fun !!!!

Lauren, Katie, Hannah, Zach, and Jonathan


Katie Grace enjoying time on the trampoline :)


Zach and Katie on the horsey ("Gunka Don")

Me and Tracy -- ahhh not sure why we look wasted because we WEREn't! (Grandma Donna and Papa Jack, along with Nanny and Papa were there, so we really weren't!!!)

No party is ever complete of course without Aunt Becky!!!!!!!

And the fun daddies... and yes, Gunka Don was playing with Katie's bitty baby. I didn't ask questions.. just grabbed my camera!! ;)



God bless the USA!!!!!!!