Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I think we found our new school!!!!!! We went for an interview yesterday and Brian and I both felt a peace while we were there talking to the principal. The truths he spoke to us from God's word settled over us like cascades of water in a river... it was truly that obvious.

We left the school and just looked at each other, smiled. God has answered our prayers. We didn't feel the need to go visit the 3rd school on the list. This is The One.

A wise friend of mine told me it would be this way.. when we were in the right place, having had prayed about it and given this to God, who loves Jonathan even more then we do... then we would know. And you know what? We knew.

Thank you, Lord, for once again, taking care of us. We are excited again, about the future. God is so good!

Let the summer begin!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful answer to prayer! I'm glad it was that obvious to your hearts.

PiesBonitos said...

okay, that was so me. Carrie. I have no idea why it made me be anonymous. :P

Melissa said...

Catherine...so happy to hear this. And how great that you didn't have to go through the summer wondering about school. Awesome!

Karianne said...

Thank goodness this worry is off of your mind. I'm so happy for you all.