Thursday, February 18, 2010

the committee - fire, winter break and other ramblings...

My little Katie Grace is growing up. I see it in little and big ways all the time! Just a couple of weeks ago she wrote her name for the first time! I have been wondering if she was going to go to Kindergarten this coming fall, but she's showing signs of getting ready.

One thing I have never done is to correct them if they say words incorrectly -- I KNOW the day comes when they learn the correct way to say the word and I will never again hear that sweet mispronunciation out of their little mouths. For instance -- Jonathan used to call the baby monitor the "mom-iter" -- which actually makes more sense, since it was more for MOM then anyone else ;)

Another cute thing Jonathan used to say was ba-dee-dee for banana -- how he got that was beyond me lol but it was adorable.

Katie calls the humidifier the "committee fire" and I LOVE THAT so much!!!! Every time one of my girlfriends comes over, I ask her what that is and she says, very seriously, "The committee fire, Momma" and I DIE every time!! LOL

This week has been winter break so they are both out of school and we have been B U S Y!!!! We have had playdates every day and we have more today and tomorrow! It's been fun (and necessary lol) to keep us from going a leedle crazy.. They have gotten outside as much as possible but it's cold and windy and snowy out there as well..

I'm in an organizing mode in my house --- Not working at the moment, so I have been spending pretty much every spare moment organizing and cleaning out drawers, etc. (wondering how long this energy will last, haha!)

So thankful for each moment with them -- they truly are growing up before my eyes.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Very Special Day

Katie Grace had her very first hair cut and experience at the salon today.

This feels really nice Momma!!!!

Look at that sweet profile....

Sweetie Girl

It got a little overwhelming at one point, so we're glad we had "Lovie" along...

Getting a Style

the final product -- perfection ♥

Miss Kelly even gave her hot cocoa -- Katie declared it "a GREAT day Momma!" ~ and it was.