Thursday, February 18, 2010

the committee - fire, winter break and other ramblings...

My little Katie Grace is growing up. I see it in little and big ways all the time! Just a couple of weeks ago she wrote her name for the first time! I have been wondering if she was going to go to Kindergarten this coming fall, but she's showing signs of getting ready.

One thing I have never done is to correct them if they say words incorrectly -- I KNOW the day comes when they learn the correct way to say the word and I will never again hear that sweet mispronunciation out of their little mouths. For instance -- Jonathan used to call the baby monitor the "mom-iter" -- which actually makes more sense, since it was more for MOM then anyone else ;)

Another cute thing Jonathan used to say was ba-dee-dee for banana -- how he got that was beyond me lol but it was adorable.

Katie calls the humidifier the "committee fire" and I LOVE THAT so much!!!! Every time one of my girlfriends comes over, I ask her what that is and she says, very seriously, "The committee fire, Momma" and I DIE every time!! LOL

This week has been winter break so they are both out of school and we have been B U S Y!!!! We have had playdates every day and we have more today and tomorrow! It's been fun (and necessary lol) to keep us from going a leedle crazy.. They have gotten outside as much as possible but it's cold and windy and snowy out there as well..

I'm in an organizing mode in my house --- Not working at the moment, so I have been spending pretty much every spare moment organizing and cleaning out drawers, etc. (wondering how long this energy will last, haha!)

So thankful for each moment with them -- they truly are growing up before my eyes.


Traci said...

Amazing how fast those "mis-speaks" as I call them change. And even more amazing how we forget!

Sounds like a fun week at your house - back to the grind next week!

As for the organizing, my take is to do it as long as the energy/drive lasts. At least it's that much more that got done! :-))

Love you!

Melissa said...

committe fire...LOL super cute!! I am in organizing mode today too.....wish we lived closer and could trade houses and help. :)