Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Parenting Dilemma

Hey everyone -- I have a tiny (OK not so tiny) dilemma with my tiny one. Lately she's been, well, difficult. To say the least. I love her so much, that goes without saying, but I will say it anyway. I am feeling major mother's guilt, and I need to know how you handle or have handled this in the past with your little strong willed ones.

Let me give an example. Little KG loves to be in control. Normal, right? of a toddler aged girl. She's very strong willed. Well, lately, and I'm talking over the past several weeks, my sweet girl who would love me and kiss me and hug me and say "I love you, Mommeeee", sing with me, smile at me, the whole deal.. nothing. It's all about yelling at me, short blasts of nastiness with a look of defiance in her eyes, her little head bobbing to one side. (And that's just for starters)... It's killing me. I know they all go through phases. She's had them before. I remember phases during teething when she'd not be as happy, and be more whiny, etc. But this? This is all day long of no smiles at me. I truly feel like she doesn't like me. I know this is emotions talking, and I've had a rough few months, both health wise and emotion wise -- but I'm truly afraid that this is the case. She will not, will not hug me. She never wants me. She wants her daddy. She wraps her arms around his neck and squeezes on him. She wants her brother. She "gugs" him all the time. It's just me she doesn't seem to like. I have heard of mothers and daughters who just never get along. Is this a possibility that this could be happening to me and my precious little girl? I fear for the future when she is a tween, then a teen..

OK, that's not all .... I'm definitely dealing with major issues myself. Major. I look around my house and all I see right now is chaos. I could spend all day long doing the daily "maintenance" things and I feel as if I never get ahead. One of the biggest reasons is that Little Miss Tiny leaves chaos in her wake. She literally strews her toys all over the first floor of the house. If I put her down in the family room (huge room, baby proofed, lots of toys, and she can see everything I'm doing in the kitchen, and it's gated off)-- she gets mad and I feel all guilt. Total guilt. B thinks it's totally OK to put her down there to play, he says it's completely OK and that she will get used to it. Then I can start to get my house in order (it is not at the moment and it's killing me).. I feel like once I get completely organized and have a system in place I will be a better wife, mom, person, everything. When I'm unloading the dishwasher she is right there like a little tornado, rummaging through the clean (or dirty) dishes, taking them right out. It's not enough to wait to save it all for nap time. Nothing ever gets done this way. I need some help and some advice....

Please give me your thoughts. Help me to alleviate my guilt about putting her in "the cage" as I think of it.. or please, give me some other ideas at least. I'm getting worn out and I don't know what to do anymore.

One Worn Out Mommy

Another fun one!

Karianne is keeping me well supplied with memes.. thanks girl! You're the best!

Here is another one.. this one comes from Christine at

1)Have I ever been arrested? No. But one time a police officer stopped when I was at an overlook in the car with my boyfriend and I was mortified!!!!!!!

2)Do I sing in the car? I sing all the time with everything! So yes, I sing in the car. We don't need the radio to sing.. we sing inSTEAD of the radio. B, JD, and I sang all the way home from my sisters house the other day. We thought we sounded GOOOD!! LOL "Take it on the road good!!!"

3)Do I wear a watch? Umm, no I do not. That would be why I'm usually 5 minutes late to everything!!

4) Do I brush my teeth before I go to bed? YES!

5) Have I ever had a professional massage? No :(

6) Have I ever bought anything off an Infomercial? Yes, I bought the Tae-Bo tapes off an Info-mercial a longgg time ago. They're still around here somewhere!

7) Have I ever been in a long distance relationship? I tried it once, with my high school boyfriend. He went away to college. Broke up with me 2 weeks later. Had a new girl home for Christmas. He married her. Fat-headed arse.

8) Do your family eat together as a family? Yes, we do, I'd say 95% of the time. It's important to us. The days that we don't are the days that I'm going out to eat with my girlfriends (I do that about two or three times a month) and they wing it here).

Just Because....

My Ballerina Baby....

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Girl

I can't believe how much she's changed in one year.. I mean, I see her everyday, a thousand moments, so it's hard for me to see the changes in her. I look at her, and I hear her talk to me, I see her smile, I watch her interact with her brother. I see her yell at us (lol).. she has a mind of her own, and on some level, for that I am grateful. I am glad she is strong. I am just praying that we can help her channel her strength into more positive ways... hehee

She is my daughter, and I love her with every ounce of myself, with every breath in my body. I love this tiny girl, and all of the sunshine she brings to my life. She makes my life one very much worth living.

Last summer:

And today:

Monday, May 28, 2007

A Sad Realization

Today I spent the day with family away from home (read: away from the computer). When I got home, in between getting the kids ready for bed, unloading the dishwasher, listening to phone messages, and doing any innumerable other tasks, I jumped on here to check.. what.. email? My message boards? Our stocks? The weather? No. I had to see if Karianne had posted a new post on her blog, or if Carrie had, or get the picture. I'm addicted to blogging. This is all your fault, girls!! hahahaa.. How did this whole world exist and I never knew it???? How did it live without me checking in so often? :::sigh::: I love the Blogger World.. it's the bestest!!! 8-) Love you girls! Keep on blogging so I can feed my addiction, please!! xoxoxoxo
~Cath ;-)

Keychains and other ramblings

Well, Katie Grace loves to play with all of my things. There is no doubt about that. Usually it's my headbands or my sunglasses (she calls all of that stuff "pretties" ) -- but her latest quest has been my big bunch of keys. I have all sorts of keyrings on there -- a special "Mom" keyring that Jonathan and I got from the Butterfly Conservatory when we went there with his Pre-K class. There was a beautiful one that my bestie Laura brought back from SanFran when she visited her sister Dana. There was a few others that I can't remember... why can't I remember you ask? Well, I believe KG deposited them in the garbage. The one that got taken out to the curb and hauled away by the men in the blue industrial suits and then taken to the dump. I have searched the whole house over and have not found them.. so I have given up looking for them. So today I finally bought myself two cute new keychains.. One says "#1 Mom" and the other says "Each day is a gift from GOD".. Both are true! (I have to believe the one about the Mom even though my kids are little and don't get an opinion about that), and the other is true. My days have been dark as of late and I'm choosing to believe that each day is a precious gift given to us by the One who has breathed life into each of us. He is amazing and wonderful and He is good.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

"Two" Meme by Karianne

Two Names You Go By:
1. Mommy
2. Honey

Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
1. White Shorts
2. Lime Green Tank (with sparklies on the chest)

Two Things You Want in a Relationship:
1. Security
2. Stability

Two of Your Favorite Things to do:
1. Read, uninterupted (either online or a real book)
2. take a nap in the quiet

Two Things You Want Very Badly At The Moment:
1. to feel better :-/
2. to feel joy again

What 2 pets you had/have:
1. Sandie, our big sand colored spoiled cat (so cute)
2. Hershey Bar, our collie we had growing up (so precious)

Two people who will fill this out first: I’ll tag…
1. Carrie
2. Julie

Two things you did last night:
1. Spent much needed time alone
2. Went to bed early

Two people who live at your house:
1. Jonathan
2. Katie Grace

Two things you ate today:
1. Dry Toast
2. Coffee

Two people you talked to last:
1. Brian
2. My sister, Becky

Two things you’re doing tomorrow:
1. Church
2. Hopefully spending some good family time together

Two Favorite Holidays:
1. Christmas
2. 4th of July

Two favorite beverages:
1. Diet Pepsi with Lemon (my own lemon squeezed in)
2. Diet Peach Snapple (so good.. now I want some Kari!)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

3 X Wednesday

Here comes another one -- (shh, it's supposed to read 3 x Thursday, but I won't tell if you won't, heehee)

OK, here are the 3 questions. Play along by answering them in your comments here and then do them in your own blog (if you want!)


1. Favorite TV show?
2. Seen any good movies lately? If so, what?
3. Favorite album? What are you really in to right now?

1. My favorite TV show if by far Grey's Anatomy. I loooove it so much. Followed closely by Dancing with the Stars (yes, I am admitting this) and then American Idol. Go Jordin! Whoohoo!

2. Husband and I have actually sat down together to watch a few good movies lately. Totally unexpected, because a) I picked the movies, and I usually sucketh at the picking out, and b) I am not so much into watching movies. I'd so much rather sit here and read or write or read a book {um, that's if there is free time, mind you} OK, back to the subject at hand. We saw The Prestige and both liked it. Then we saw Plain Truth -- both very good movies, the latter is a Lifetime movie that we got from Netflix and I would recommend. About Amish people (therefore the title "Plain" as in the "plain" people), and The Prestige was just really a good story, about 2 magicians, and had a few twists.. a good psychological twister that we both enjoyed. If you haven't seen them I'd say go for it!

3. Favorite album : I'm always going with Selah. They are always my favorite. But if I ever figure out how to get my Playlist on this Blog (anyone? anyone?) you will hear another favorite of mine: Steven Curtis Chapman "Be Still and Know that He is God" -- also love Martina! (who doesn't?) And Josh Groban and Carrie Underwood... I love music.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I need some health advice

I'm not sure how many people are actually reading my blog yet, but if you are reading here, I need some advice.

A little background. I am generally a healthy person. I've spent the last year and a half trying to eat healthier, lost a goodly amount of weight, I drink a lot of water, I definitely don't exercise like I should, but I am what I call moderately active. (I have a 1 1/2 year old.. need I say more?) I rarely get sick, except I do get migraines, but I wouldn't call that unhealthy -- those started after my pregnancy with my son and have been fairly regular since, so I'm assuming they have something to do with hormone levels or something of the sort.

Now, all of the sudden, out of the blue it seems -- in the past 5 months, I have been hit with illness. I have had intestinal flu 3 times since Christmas -- horrible vomiting and diarrhea, the kind that really flattens you on your back and makes you feel as if you are at death's door for a few days, and then you make your weak and shaky comeback and then after about a week and a half you start to join the land of the living again. And you can't even remember how badly you felt, and you don't really have to, because in another, oh, say 3 weeks or so, you're reminded because it strikes AGAIN. Then AGAIN. Then oh, surely the doggone flu must be gone far away never to return, and you are slammed with a cold that turns into the worst sinus infection of your life.. the kind that swells up half your face and you think this time you WILL die.

Something must be wrong.. 4 major illnesses in almost as many months.. What is going on? What can I do to boost my immune system? I did buy that DanActive yogurt today, so we'll see if that helps.. but does anyone else have any other ideas for me? I'm desperate and will take any and all advice!!


Monday, May 14, 2007

23 Days

and counting. That's how many full days are left in the school year here. Then my little guy will be a *gulp* first grader??? How in the world? This ride is going at an alarming, break-neck speed, and I want to get off! Now! I had such a hard time with him starting Kindergarten, but then it happened. And it was wonderful. Wonderful! His teacher is incredible. We couldn't have asked for a better first time in school experience. His response to school has been very positive, as well (except for that early in the morning wake up, but who likes that? Seriously.) All around, it's been nothing short of GREAT. So now what? I have to get all unsettled again, get all nervous again, waiting for the next teacher, the next grade, knowing that now it will be "real school" -- just typing this out is giving me the butterflies. Ohh, being the mom is hard sometimes. Why can't they stay little just a little while longer? :-(

Friday, May 11, 2007

A new beginning

This week the sun has been shining. That is not a little accomplishment for our corner of the world, and the winter has seemed to be very, very long this year. There were days when I didn't think the sun would ever shine again. This morning as I awoke to the birds happily chirping outside my window and the sun shining yet again, I was able to to turn my face toward the warmth of it and thank God, so much, from the very bottom of my spirit, for the sunshine.

As I put JD on the bus early this morning, and saw his little face smiling at me from the window, and waved goodbye and blew him a kiss, I felt it. I felt the bubble that starts deep within your heart and slowly rises -- it comes from deep down and makes it way up to the top, and comes out in a big smile, a burst of a giggle, a feeling that's almost indescribable. But I know it's name. It's name is Joy. And I'm so happy it's back.

Although the sniffles and bugs have gotten us down lately, the warmth of the sun is seeping through today. And for that I'm so very grateful. I will say today, and I will say so many days of my life. God is so good.

Psalm 62:1,2
1 I wait quietly before God,
for my victory comes from him.
2 He alone is my rock and my salvation,
my fortress where I will never be shaken.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Yay! Vacation!!

"Pennsylvania Here we Come! Right back where we started from..."

OK, maybe not quite right, but that's where we're headed, baby!

We love PA in this family -- it's a beautiful state to travel to, and in -- just gorgeous scenery. Beautiful mountains, quaint little towns, fun little places to shop along the way. This will be our 3rd summer to vacation somewhere in Pennsylvania, and it all started because we have friends down in Lancaster in beautiful Amish country, so we started exploring from here to there, and have found some fun places to visit!

This summer we're going with our best friends and their daughter to Hershey Park in Harrisburg and Laura and I just booked the hotel the other night. Our requirements? It has to be C L E A N (as in squeaky), it has to have an in room coffee pot (some places DON'T I was horrified to find out!), and for the kids it has to have a pool. They would spend the whole vacation in the pool if we let them, but I have a hunch that once we take them to Hershey they'll understand just how much fun that will be as well. (Actually we did take JD to Hershey a couple of years ago, but he had neither a friend to ride rides with nor a sibling to hang out with, so this year will be way more fun for him and he can't wait!)

We're also hoping to do some shopping around Amish country (fortunately for us, both B and T, our husbands, like to shop with us! How blessed are we?!), and we'll be able to browse at our leisure! Well, we'll be able to do that only if the kiddos allow us to do that at our leisure -- we'll have to make some ice cream deals I'm sure!

Booking the hotel makes it seem much closer. I'm looking forward to the summer! Just 2 short months to go till our fun vacation!

To my husband..

Grow old along with me -- the best is yet to be
When our time has come -- we will be as one

God bless our love -- God bless our love

Grow old along with me -- two branches of one tree
Face the setting sun -- when the day is done

God bless our love -- God bless our love

Spending our lives together -- man and wife together
World without end -- world without end

Grow old along with me -- whatever fate decrees
We will see it through -- for our love is true

God bless our love -- God bless our love

God bless our love -- God bless our love

"Grow Old Along With Me" ~ Mary Chapin Carpenter


Yesterday was our 11 year wedding anniversary -- 11 years! This was the song we danced to for our first song as husband and wife. Still -- everytime I hear this song, I still get goosebumps listening to the words, even though the meanings have changed a bit -- For instance, "Face the setting sun, when the day is done".. that is starting to have a different meaning.. Back then, it was all about our wedding day. Everything was all about The Big Day. Now 11 years and 2 kids later -- we're strong as a unit, and know that The Day meant a lot, but not nearly as much as the day to day of a marriage to your best friend -- a unit, a lifetime of little moments mean.

B, you are my best friend, my confidante, my rock, my soulmate, my problem-solver (you can't help that part, you're a man! ha!), my strength when I am weak, the best daddy for my babies, my partner, my love. I love you more today then ever. Here's to 50 plus more! Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart! xoxoxoox

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Mother's Day Giveaway!

Click over and add a comment to be entered in a fun giveaway! I did it -- who knows, maybe one of us will win something cool!! :) Good luck to us all!