Monday, May 28, 2007

Keychains and other ramblings

Well, Katie Grace loves to play with all of my things. There is no doubt about that. Usually it's my headbands or my sunglasses (she calls all of that stuff "pretties" ) -- but her latest quest has been my big bunch of keys. I have all sorts of keyrings on there -- a special "Mom" keyring that Jonathan and I got from the Butterfly Conservatory when we went there with his Pre-K class. There was a beautiful one that my bestie Laura brought back from SanFran when she visited her sister Dana. There was a few others that I can't remember... why can't I remember you ask? Well, I believe KG deposited them in the garbage. The one that got taken out to the curb and hauled away by the men in the blue industrial suits and then taken to the dump. I have searched the whole house over and have not found them.. so I have given up looking for them. So today I finally bought myself two cute new keychains.. One says "#1 Mom" and the other says "Each day is a gift from GOD".. Both are true! (I have to believe the one about the Mom even though my kids are little and don't get an opinion about that), and the other is true. My days have been dark as of late and I'm choosing to believe that each day is a precious gift given to us by the One who has breathed life into each of us. He is amazing and wonderful and He is good.


Karianne said...

I can bet that is where they ended up! Both of ours decided to put away keys in the garbage, which wer rescued before the curb trip.

Carrie said...

I'm glad you got yourself some new keys!

I hope your days are brighter really soon.