Monday, May 28, 2007

A Sad Realization

Today I spent the day with family away from home (read: away from the computer). When I got home, in between getting the kids ready for bed, unloading the dishwasher, listening to phone messages, and doing any innumerable other tasks, I jumped on here to check.. what.. email? My message boards? Our stocks? The weather? No. I had to see if Karianne had posted a new post on her blog, or if Carrie had, or get the picture. I'm addicted to blogging. This is all your fault, girls!! hahahaa.. How did this whole world exist and I never knew it???? How did it live without me checking in so often? :::sigh::: I love the Blogger World.. it's the bestest!!! 8-) Love you girls! Keep on blogging so I can feed my addiction, please!! xoxoxoxo
~Cath ;-)

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Karianne said...

I whole heartedly fess up to helping pass on the infection. It's great isn't it? Like a true soap opera with people who live in the real world.