Saturday, May 05, 2007

Yay! Vacation!!

"Pennsylvania Here we Come! Right back where we started from..."

OK, maybe not quite right, but that's where we're headed, baby!

We love PA in this family -- it's a beautiful state to travel to, and in -- just gorgeous scenery. Beautiful mountains, quaint little towns, fun little places to shop along the way. This will be our 3rd summer to vacation somewhere in Pennsylvania, and it all started because we have friends down in Lancaster in beautiful Amish country, so we started exploring from here to there, and have found some fun places to visit!

This summer we're going with our best friends and their daughter to Hershey Park in Harrisburg and Laura and I just booked the hotel the other night. Our requirements? It has to be C L E A N (as in squeaky), it has to have an in room coffee pot (some places DON'T I was horrified to find out!), and for the kids it has to have a pool. They would spend the whole vacation in the pool if we let them, but I have a hunch that once we take them to Hershey they'll understand just how much fun that will be as well. (Actually we did take JD to Hershey a couple of years ago, but he had neither a friend to ride rides with nor a sibling to hang out with, so this year will be way more fun for him and he can't wait!)

We're also hoping to do some shopping around Amish country (fortunately for us, both B and T, our husbands, like to shop with us! How blessed are we?!), and we'll be able to browse at our leisure! Well, we'll be able to do that only if the kiddos allow us to do that at our leisure -- we'll have to make some ice cream deals I'm sure!

Booking the hotel makes it seem much closer. I'm looking forward to the summer! Just 2 short months to go till our fun vacation!


Laura said...

We are so excited here too! Although its taken some time to convince G that everything in Hershey is not made of chocolate ( pools, roads etc!) Can't wait!! : )
Love ~me~

Karianne said...

My turn to wonder where you are! What's going on over there? I hope that you are all feeling better.