Friday, September 18, 2009

Soccer Boy

Here is a happy Jonathan showing his fabulous soccer trophy after the last game. He loves soccer so much! And also showing his very special soccer cookie that came right from his fabulous coach.

Here are a few of Katie and Jonathan ready for school today... both were in a good mood so I took the opportunity to snap a few photos! :)

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Back to School Photos

Jonathan Prell, 3rd Grader!
Katie Grace Prell, Pre-K :)

Outside his new school.

With his new teacher and his old buddy, Michael!

Outside her school.

Headed down the stairs ~ very excited.

With her beloved Miss Rachel.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Back to School...

So tomorrow my boy starts 3rd grade. At a new school! And he is nervous, as am I, but we are both trusting God that He knows best, and that He led us to this perfect place for our boy. I read on one of my boards that I frequent that one of the girls who is a teacher had butterflies the day before she was to start her new school year... I know how she feels!! I have butterflies today too! And my butterflies are because I've got this feeling of nervousness, excitement, apprehension, and yet... trust. I know that my little boy will be safe, because this is where God wants him to be. But I haven't met his teacher ~ What if she doesn't "get" Jonathan? What if she doesn't understand his sense of humor? What if she doesn't appreciate him for the amazing and wonderful creation that God made him to be? Jonathan is an incredible human being ~ he is wise beyond his years ~ and thinks far too much. He has an unreal imagination. He wants to know what is going to happen with the world ~ He wants to know about Heaven, and hell, and He wants to know about the Trinity, and how exactly it works. He wants to understand about dinosaurs~ and he wants to know all about the earth's foundation and surface and core. He thinks so much ~ and he also has this creative side that is unquenchable. It comes out in his drawings and his songs that he makes up --- and it also comes out occasionally in nightmares....

So many times I look at his sweet face and feel so blessed that God chose ME to be his mom, and Brian to be his dad ~ and also feel so unworthy. He is just so special. But I know that God doesn't make mistakes, so I will do my best not to let him down, and be the best mom I know how to be to Jonathan, all the while asking God for wisdom and strength and patience... and trust that God will keep him safe as he starts tomorrow at yet another new school....

Photos to come tomorrow after his first day!!

PS: Katie starts Pre-K tomorrow too! Photos to come! :)

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

MOPS ~ IceBreaker Ideas

1) MOPS Icebreaker -- Mom goes on vacation

To complete this activity, give every mom a crayon and a sheet of paper.
Instruct the women to place the sheet of paper in front of them horizontally.

Recite the following to the women:

The event you have all been waiting for has finally arrived! You're going on a much needed vacation. Unfortunately, this is only an imaginary vacation, but it will be lots of fun! When I say so, please close your eyes, keep them closed, and then follow my directions. I will tell you when you can open your eyes again. We are going on a vacation to a tropical island. Please pick up your crayon. Close your eyes now, keep them closed, and follow my directions.

1. Draw an island on the middle of your paper.
2. To the left of the island, draw a ship.
3. You are surrounded by water, so put some fish in the sea.
4. This is a tropical island, so put a palm tree on the island.
5. It's a nice day, so put some birds in the air.
6. That ship didn't get there by itself, so put a sailor in the ship.
7. The sailor might get hungry, so put some coconuts on the palm tree.
8. Sailors like to see where they're going, so put some portholes on the ship.
9. Sailors like to see entertainment, so draw a hula dancer on the island.
10. It is a sunny day, so put a sun in the sky.

Now open your eyes and take a look at your beautiful drawing. Let's score your artwork to see who will win today's prize. 200 points are possible.


10 pts if your island is in the middle of the page
10 pts if your ship is to the left of the island, but not touching it
15 pts if you have more then one fish
20 pts if the base of your palm tree is on the island
15 pts if two or more birds are in the air
20 pts if the sailor is on the ship, and not swimming
15 pts if any coconuts are on the tree
25 pts if any porthole is on the ship
25 pts if the hula dancer is dancing on the island
20 pts if the sun is to the left
15 pts if the sun is to the right
10 pts if the sun is in the middle

Lengths of String Mixer
Everyone gets a length of string. Each string is the same length as one other person in the room. Students have to match up with their partner.

The Point: Discussion starter. Once matched, you can ask a pre-typed question for the partners to discuss.

This particular ice-breaker will work if there isn't a lot planned for the day i.e. no discussion groups, etc.

3) Speed Dating (Friendship) Questions..

Break into 2 (or 3 or 4) groups with women facing each other in chairs. Set a timer for 2 mins and keep a close watch on the time.

Here is a sample of questions that can be posted at each station:


Gone on a blind date?
Skipped school?
Been to Canada?
Been lost?
Swam in the ocean?
Been to Europe?
Been on the opposite side of the country?
Cried yourself to sleep?
Been to Mexico?
Played cops and Robbers or Cowboys and Indians?
Been to Africa?
Sang karaoke?
Been on a plane?
Paid for a meal with coins only?
Done something you told yourself you wouldn't?
Made prank phone calls?
Laughed until some sort of beverage came out of your nose?
Caught a snowflake on your tongue?
Baked a turkey?
Written a letter to Santa Claus?
Been kissed under the mistletoe?
Watched the sun rise on the East Coast?
Watched the sunset on the West Coast?
Been skinny dipping?
Sat outside in the rain?
Lived one of your dreams?
Eaten just cookies for dinner?
Been on TV?
Stolen traffic signs?

What is your:
Birth order?
Dream home?

What is your favorite:
Vacation spot?
TV show?
Body wash?
Time of day?

How do you:
See yourself in 10 years?
React to rude people?
Cook chicken most often?
Wash your tub?
Put your child(ren) to bed?
Make your child(ren) laugh?

Overheard at our house....

On the morning of Katie's birthday ....

Katie appears at my bedside, clutching her "lovey"

"Momma, am I four?"

Me: "Yes, you are!"

K: "Are my legs longer?"

M: "I think they are!!"

K: "Am I taller??"

M: "Yes, you are definitely taller!"

Katie: BIG happy smile

Me: "Are you still my baby?"

K: "Yes, Momma. I have a lot of love for you."

Be still my heart.

My girl is growing up but she is still my baby.

I love you, Katie Grace.

Happy 4th birthday!