Thursday, April 24, 2008

Oh Happy Day!!

2 things...

1) Brian is painting the kitchen!! I can't wait to show photos! We're doing a coffee theme and the walls will look like coffee with cream in it. (yay!)

2) Grey's Anatomy comes back tonight!! Whoohoo!!

that's all.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Praise! (and a little toddler rant)

Firstly... I am so excited... I got a job!!!! I am just... wow.. so happy about this, and about the way God provided this, I have to share. God is amazing!

OK.. this is how it happened...

Finances around here.. welllllllll, they've been tight. Squeaky tight. We've been on a strict budget for what seems like forever, but lately with only Brian working and having Jonathan in Christian school and with life expenses (barest of them)... it was becoming increasingly clearer for us that I needed to do something. However, there were a few things I was committed to. I am committed to being a mom, first. We are committed to keeping Jonathan in Christian school. And I am committed to staying with MOPS (I am on the committee. Soooo with all that in mind.. I set out on a quest to find the job that would fulfill those (very strict) requirements. It would, of course, also have to be worth it at all.. meaning, it would need to pay me well, so that I could help make a difference at all in our lives.

My friend Tracy and I are in the same boat, financially, except they are looking to put their house on the market so that they can move to a bigger house to accomodate their family.. and she has been a SAHM since the birth of her last child, Zach, who is the same age as Katie.

Tracy and I are now working girls for a friend of ours from church, Frank, who owns a very well established landscaping and drainage business... He is paying us great, letting us work from home or his office, and basically we are making telephone calls, helping Frank drum up business for the plumbing/drainage end of his business. The fun part is that we are doing this toGETHER.. (we are both opting to do it from his office.. we are going to go a couple of hours in the evening, hello?? get out of the house AND make money??) and on Saturday mornings. We have potential of making 30/hour (very easily I might add)... it's going to be fabulous.. and when our babies go to school, I see us both still working for him in a greater capacity!! Thank you, Lord! He is good all the time!!!

My little toddler rant (and I'll keep this short)... Katie said "I hate you!" to me this morning.... what???????????????????????????? No one says that to each other in this house. She says "Shut up!!!" when she's mad too. We don't talk to each other like that here... so unless Jonathan is saying these things to her when they're alone... I have no idea where she's getting this stuff from. But omgosh!!!
:( Very sad! What in the world??????? This mother/daughter thing is scaring me a bit.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Google Images Meme

Type your answers in Google Images and pick an image off the first page:

The age you will be on your next birthday:

A place to which you’d like to travel:

One of your favorite places:
(it's where my heart is, always)

One of your favorite objects:

One of your favorite foods:
(this has to count. it's one of the food groups!)

Your favorite animal:

Your favorite color:

The first name of a past love:
(think American Idol a couple of years ago. Yes, I did love him. Despite the teeth)

The first name of your current love:

Your best friend’s nickname/screen name:

and, of course, my seester:

Your First Name:
(wish I looked like her)

Your Middle Name:

Your Last Name:

And TAG to whomever wants to do it! It took me forever though.. there has to be a better way, lol.. have fun!!!

Classic Katie

Apparently Katie has decided she is no longer my little girl. Amid her curly ponytail and her pink t-strap Keds and her all of her "pretties" [that would be all of her shiny, sparkly jewels]... she has come to a conclusion that she voices with clear determination on a daily (well, an hourly) basis to us all.

"I'm a BOY!"

That says it all.