Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Date Night

Well, even though it's only a Tuesday!! B and I are going out tonight for a mid-week date. Remember my S-O-S post a few ago? Asking for a few ideas to keep it fresh? Well, we (read: I) decided that it was time to put some of that into practice! So, I got a sitter for tonight (thanks to my sister!) and we're going out for dinner. Just for some much needed face time. Not to mention I need out of this house!!!! (Sorry for the yelling...)...

Hopefully tonight will be the start of something wonderful, and regular... and something we'll be able to continue, if not every week, at least every other. I miss my husband..I miss me...I miss the way things were.. I'm hoping to put a little of us back together and make it good again! .... I'm really trying.

I'll give an update later.

Happy Tuesday night to everyone!


1 comment:

Mert said...

Oh I hope you guys had a really nice night out! :D

I was just asking my hubs if he needs romance (some guys aren't into that). I was actually surprised when he said "Of course!" I've been married for 18 years and I'm still learning about my man ;)

I think you have the right idea... keep the door open for possibilities. We get so caught up with life with kids that we sometimes forget that we were husband and wife before we were moms and dads.:)