Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Slumber Party!

Well this week B went away, so the kids and I have been alone since Tuesday night. (Maybe why I've been MIA)...He just got home this evening so guess where I am tonight...yep! Updating my playlist, blogging, surfing, relaxing.. ahhh, this is the life! Tomorrow is Fathers Day so I don't have a leg to stand on as far as that goes.. but tonight.. tonight is mine! *happy sigh*

Anyway -- last night my bestie Laura and her daughter G came over to spend the night -- we had a slumber party! Now, if I were a good mom/auntie, I would have about 376 photos to post right now of all the adorable moments.. i.e. the 3 of them jumping on the trampoline, running around the backyard with their sweet little flushed cheeks, JD and G sitting at the kitchen table drawing together and singing their lungs out, KG fresh from the bath with her little damp kissable head, the two big ones making their own ice cream sundaes, complete with whipped cream, sprinkles, and cherries.. the 3 of them this morning with their little bed heads swinging together on the deck swing .. So many precious moments, should have been recorded on camera for all time... ummm, and Laura and I, normally the paparazzi, neither one of us having our cameras. B took his with him on the trip, and Laura forgot hers on the charger at home. We sucketh. *sigh*

But it was a really fun night, and they all slept (which is good because you *know* we're doing this again next year when he goes away, A'LaLa)-- but next year, we will have our cameras!!!!!!!


Lisa said...

You're kidding me. No pictures? None? Not a one? I am bummething.

Laura said...

What a blast!! I love you and your kids ! I am sick over no pictures , but all the memories are right in my heart! : ) G had so much fun making sundaes , her and daddy are making their very own tonight ( since he is working tomorrow)

Thanks for the memories ( picture me singing to you!) STOP laughing!

Carrie said...

Sounds like a great time! Makes me wish that I was there too!! And that icecream sounds really good!

I often forget my camera too! Sometimes it's a good thing though, because sometimes I'm so busy taking pictures that that's all I'm doing. lol

Thanks for sharing!