Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Keeping it Fresh

So, B and I are trying to keep it fresh in our marriage.. you know.. things are getting a little same ole, same ole around here (well, it has been 11 years ;) ).. so we need some fresh ideas about what to do. Basically we have our "date night in" every weekend, which consists of putting the kids to bed early on Saturday night and watching a movie that we rent from Blockbuster online.. and can I just say? Uhh, that's getting a little old. I'm looking for new ideas. Unfortunately for us, money is an object. Fortunately though, it's summertime and there are things to be done outside that are low cost ideas. But I need some! (ideas that is)... What can I plan for me and my husband to do that can help us reconnect in a fresh, romantic way that won't break the bank? I'm talking real dates, here, sans kids.

Thanks for your ideas, girls!!

Hugs to all!


Laura said...

A walk by the river...

A boat ride down the river

Free concerts

Carnivals ( hey they are not just for kids)

A night out or in with friends , playing cards, games, chatting around a fire in the backyard.

Lots of stuff in the Gusto

All you need is a little imagination!

Karianne said...

If you have tennis rackets or golf clubs, it is nice to get outside and go to the tennis court or golf range to work on your swing. Not to actually play against each other, but to be together while doing something active.

Mini golf? Appetizers or desserts at a fun restaurant that you haven't tried? The arcade?

Isn't it funny that when we all first met, anything was romantic? Even the laundrymat?

Carrie said...

We don't go out on what most people would real dates often, however we do spend as much time together as possible.

Like last night when MIL had the boys, we did yard work together. We talked the entire time and had a lot of fun (even though we were working). It felt great to accomplish something together and when we were done we just came in and sat on the couch holding hand, exhausted, but having had a great night together.

We recently started playing games together after the boys went to sleep. We're not huge game people, however when we watch TV we don't interact (obviously), so we decided to start playing some games. We've actually enjoyed them. (not jumping up and down enjoying them though. lol)

We love to walk. Even with the kids. We take at least 1-2 walks every weekend. It's great because we throw them in the stroller, or ds1 on his bike, and we can still talk, even though the kids are there. Of course it's easier when they're not there. It's fun exploring streets, parks, areas you haven't walked on before and discussing the scenery.

We sometimes will steal just a minute and go get a piece of pie, or go to McDonalds (our only choice, cuz if there were more options we wouldn't choose there) just for fries, or the icecream place for icecream.

Basically I think the key is basically just being together and interacting. Anywhere... strolling Home Depot together and dreaming of your next housing project, a picnic in your backyard, gazing at the stars on the deck while the kids sleep, etc.

Of course those things can't completely take the place of fun dates where you go out and go to a fun little place.

But I think with kids you have to be spontaneous, and sometimes thsoe are the things that are the most romantic!

Good luck, and if I think of anything more specific, I'll tell ya! :)

Mert said...

Well, I'd love to give you some suggestions, but I could use a few myself! :) Since we don't really trust my MIL to take proper care of theids, and we don't really trust anyone else, we really don't do much alone.

We do watch movies together, and recently we started watching the show 24 on DVD from netflix. It's been kind of fun finding a show we both love, and we have very deep conversations about the plot, LOL!

Lisa said...

I was going to say walks, too! Or how about just a drive? Stop and get an ice cream cone or a hot dog?