Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Graduation Day

Jonathan David: 1st Grader!

Well, today my little guy graduated from Kindergarten! I swear, last night was Parents Night when we went in to meet the teacher, and got our list of things to buy for his first year of "real school"... and today we said goodbye to his teacher and his little friends. And he's a first grader. I'm in total shock at how fast this year went. How did 10 months fly this way? How did my little man, who I held for the first time in my arms at what seems to be only a few minutes ago, become this great big boy now, almost too big for my lap? Life is truly moving at break-neck speed! I want it to s l o w down for a little bit. Just a touch. Just a tiny bit. I feel like it's going so fast I can't enjoy the time I have with them, because I'm constantly turning around in a circle -- slowly-- just watching them change so quickly.

Here are a few pictures of my little (big) man from today, and also just a few of him as a baby... I can't help it, I'm feeling like a Misty Mommy today and I want to share.. I hope you enjoy these as much as I am.....


Karianne said...

What a cutie bug!

How was date night? What did you eat?

Carrie said...

Okay, that totally made me teary. I remember him about half way through the pictures. I can't believe he's grown that much since we first met. It also made me teary to know that is happening to my little man. He is about the same age as JD when I met him. And lately life just seems to go faster and faster. What a great visual reminder for me to stop and cherish the moment.

You should be proud of that big little man. He could only turn out that way coming from such great parents.

Congrats and *HUGS*

Laura said...

OK officially crying now...tell him Aunt Laura said to stop growing up so fast : ( He is a handsome little guy isn't he? least we have the whole warm wonderful beautiful summer ahead of all of us!!

Wow, first grade , where does time fly??