Friday, June 22, 2007

Date Night Update {updated again in comments for details}

Well, we had a nice night out... we ended up at Cinco De Mayo.. a good authentic mexican place and had a lot of good conversation, which is honestly what we've been missing.

Karianne, the food *was* good, albeit a little spicy for this mild girl!! hehee I think I might have enjoyed the margarita a little more then the ... uhhh.. what did I order...??? Seriously!

The best outcome of the night -- we have now established that Tuesday nights (at least all summer) will be our official date night. My wonderful sister has so graciously offered to sit for JD and KG each and every week for a few hours so that we can have some much needed time alone. So all of your suggestions will be put to use, all of them.. going to the free concerts, going for walks by the water, all of it, oh and I thought of another one! Shakespeare in the Park.. that's also free. I can't wait to reconnect with my husband.. I'm looking forward to a summer of dates and conversation and maybe even some kissing! Who'd have thought? ;)



Karianne said...

OOOOh, Margaritas! Blended or on the rocks? Tradtional or flavored? See, I'm a fool for details.

PS. Did you get my link email?

Mert said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful date night!

My hubs and I kind of had a date night, we went golfing with John's cousin and his wife while John's aunt baby sat our gilds and the cousins daughter too. We had a great time and laughed a lot... it was my first time and none of us were really that good.

Laura said...

You look beautiful in your new pic ! : ) I totally love it . I love that you look so happy too!

The date night sounds fun! If Beck cant watch , then remember Im just around the corner!! Keep up your date nights, just dont let me ( or Anne ) see you with a hicky!! : >

Catherine said...

Hey Karianne -- the margarita was blended and it was green... what kind is that? kind of a lime green color.. I don't know, I was in the restroom when Brian ordered them for us, lol! It was good though, that's all that mattered, hehee!!

(yes, I got your link.. I'll email back, and THANK you honey!! xoxo)

Mert! I'm so glad to hear you two are dating too! That sounds like fun! Umm, golfing for me, not so much, ask Laura, I'd probably trip over the golf ball and end up in the sand pit, LOL! (yeahh, so not kidding!) But I'm glad you guys did it!

Laura! LOL @ the hicky! Oh no you DITTint!