Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Vacation Pictures :) (lots!)

Brian and Jonathan at Chocolate World:
Our little Hershey's Kisses:
A Silly Moment:
Mommy and Katie Bug hanging out:

Jonathan is a Hershey Bar:
Me and my BFF:
Daddy and Katie Bug:
Jonathan and G on the Scrambler:
Hanging out waiting for a ride:

Our girl with Jodi:
Daddy and Katie:
A'LaLa and her girl:
Katie in Jonon's hat:

Takin' a shower:

Bathing Beauty:
Look at me!
Aww! Friends Forever!
Saying Goodbye to our friends :(

Sleepy girl (not that she slept that much... sigh)

Yeah. We love being in the car (insert rolling eyes):


Laura said...

Ok that pic of JD and G hugging made me tear up! So cute!

Hey , is that the pic we took of ourselves?? Not bad, seeing it was a thousand degrees and we were wilting Fof's!

Love, me

Carrie said...

Ohhhh I love looking at photos! Especially of such cute kids and hot Mommas! hehe

Love the photos of you and Laura! The one of K with Jodi is adorable! I love JD and Grace hugging! They are such a sweet pair!

Great photos!

mimomma said...

Great pics Cath!!! I can't believe how grown up your kiddos are getting...and could they get any stinkin cuter? Oh and there is no such thing as picture overload!

Melissa said...

great photos! Loved the comment about "we love being in the car"....there comes a point where it just ain't fun anymore!

Karianne said...

The ones where the guys are throwing "gang signs" cracked me up!

Lisa said...

LOVE those kids, CAth!!! LOVE them!!