Saturday, July 07, 2007

Shopping for our trip!!

Today I met Laura at the mall and we went shoe shopping for our vacation, which, I am excited to report, is in 4 days!!! We are so looking forward to it. But I digress.. More to come about that.

Anyways. The time to meet was 10:30. We were to meet outside the Skechers outlet at our big outlet mall. Now, note this: Laura and I are never, ever on time. To anything. Ever. But this day, today, it shall we noted that Laura was actually early! And Cath was on time!!!!! (What did you expect, we were going shopping and both of us had no kids with us... a rare and beautiful occasion indeed, and we both truly understood the unique-ness of this day.)

Hmm. I wonder if it had something to do with the numbers today? 7-7-07? Everyone felt the need to point that out to us wherever we went today. Not sure...

Anyway.. we were in shoe Heaven in Skechers, and took our time trying on shoes, complimenting each other on our beautiful feet, and how gorgeous they looked in each pair of shoes we tried on, and talked about you, Care, and how much fun it would be if you could be with us, especially in the shoe store! ;)

We then went inside the mall (after I bought the cahh-uutest shoes there) and I proceeded to buy the following:
1) a new pair of capris (in my new size!! Go me!)
2) 2 new tee- shirts
3) a cute new halter top for katie at Old Navy
4) a hoodie for Katie at Old Navy
5) new shoes and socks for Katie at Stride Rite (omg so cute. tee-straps in PINK)
6) another new shirt for Katie at Childrens Place (to match Laura's G's.. we *had* to get them matching outfits for Hershey this year!! Had to!!)
7) A bottle of water for me
8) A cup of coffee for Laura

And lots of lots of laughing, and conversation..

I'd say we were a success.... the only problem was.. I'd have to come home and face Brian with the total of what I'd spent... Eeek!!!

It was a day well spent!!! Adventures in Shopping!!!!! :) :)


Karianne said...

And I was so proud at how little you'd spent! How fun.

Laura said...

Yes and I went back tonight and got
*almost* the same pair as you did !! : ) We'll be twins! They had a sale buy 1 get one 1/2 off!!

I also got a pr of the cutest sneakers for G and they dont fit.
Im sad about 2 things , #1 , they dont come in bigger sises & #2 yet another trip back tomorrow....not so much fun without your BFF! : {

Laura said...

PPS- I DO know how to spell sizes I promise!! : P

Carrie said...

Yeah! Sounds like a load of fun -- shopping and Laura!