Monday, July 16, 2007

Back from Vacation!

.... and thrust into the throes of summer! JD is doing VBS this week, he's started right into soccer, and I'm doing MOPS stuff this week, like our retreat, and just getting back with our friends and family since being away...

Busy busy busy! Life is crazy yet good... we had a busy vacation, but it was fun and full. These little ones definitely keep us hopping! (Especially the little one, lol!!)

The summer is in full swing for sure and we're hoping to get full use out of everything -- the pool, friends, family, and fun...

If I'm not here much, it's because life is full of demands, and it's hard to be on the computer when there are so many things going on outside..

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and if there is anything exciting to post about you can be sure I'll be right on it!

Hugs to all!


1 comment:

Karianne said...

I'm glad that you are having fun, but I miss you! Another reason that I'm not a summer person, my blogging buddies are all so busy!