Sunday, December 30, 2007

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year from the Prells :)

Some of these are from my mom's 70th birthday party brunch on the 23rd, and some are from Christmas day...

Brian, Great Grandma, Brian's mom, Katie, Me, and Jonathan

Betsy (my beautiful niece, at my mom's b-day party)

Brian and Jeff (my brother in law)

Betsy and Jonathan

Katie (nice face LOL)

Christmas morning!

More Christmas Day-- my mom and dad

My Dad, Katie and Nick's mom

The 4 of us:

My sister Susan, my Aunt Carolee, and my cousin Kristin

Aunt Becky and her boy

Happy 70th Birthday Mom!!!!!!
Mom and her 3 girls!!!!


Carrie said...

I love the photos! I was especially giggling at the one of Katie, as beautiful as ever, in her holiday attire, with her beautiful princess face on. lol
You have a gorgeous family - the family show is beautiful!


Karianne said...

Your mom looks great! 70? Are you sure? No way!

I absolutely love the name Betsy. I went to school with a Betsy who was as cowgirl/tomboy as could be. With Betsy as a name. I loved that about her.

Suz said...

Gosh, those were so fun to look at!!! Katie's face cracks me up!

Ashley Winters said...

Great family photos! So nice to see such happy, smiling faces.

Melissa said...

I lost your bookmark for awhile and finally realized this is YOU from the happiness blog. Yes, I'm a bit sllllooooooow at times.

I love your pics. You look like a very close family!

Good to have found you back!

3 Beauties said...

What a great pic post! It is a day brightener I must say!