Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Jonathan Funny

A conversation Jonathan and I just had....

Me, upon coming home after the cleaning girl had just been here: "Sweetie, could you please try to keep your area neat and remember to put your things away?"

J: "Sure Momma, I'm just going to do some craps"

Uhhm... he meant crafts, but we both got a giggle out of it, LOL!


Karianne said...

I'm so excited about you posting more. Love reading your stuff.

My kids say crap all the time because I say crap all of the time. I don't think that I'll ever break them of it tho because I crack up whenever they say it! Yeah, I'm a bad mommy now and again!

Carrie said...

hahaha! that's not messy or anything, craps! LOL

Melissa said...

good to see you back! Your kids are the hubby always says that I'm going to Crap Warehouse...must be a guy=thing.