Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Jonathan and Katie stories....

These 2 are funny...well, at least I think they're funny! And I'm enjoying so much being the one God chose to be their Mom... I'm praising Him that He thought me worthy enough to be theirs!! Thank you, Jesus!! You are amazing!

This will be a bit of a brag post if you can stand it. I'm bursting with love for my babies right now, so this will be all about them. *smile*

Jonathan is 7 and is usually happy and joyful... I say usually because he caught the "complainy-Janey" bug from his little sister, but he's got such a great sense of humor, that we can usually make him laugh and his complaints go away.... USUALLY ;)

His latest adventures include settting up "battlefields" in the living room made up of Lego guys, army guys, little Star Wars action figures, and whatever else he can use that will become a "good guy" or "bad guy"... he has and always has had a very active imagination, and sometimes needs a bit of help keeping focused on the tasks at hand... ahem. But for the most part does really well... needs a bit of prompting when it's time to clean up his toys/books/crafts/or whatever needs tidying, but will eventually do it. He also loves to draw out the battle on paper before it's taken place "in real life"... he's very meticulous about his drawing. Academically, he's doing great, too.. just made high honor roll again, and we're very happy with that, although he did tell me this morning that he'd much rather school was only "5 minutes long, Mom.. That makes so much more sense to me!" haha... Still a boy, and still, very much Jonathan. We love him so much.

Now, Katie Grace. Her vocabulary is astounding to us.. not that I really have anyone to compare her with... I'm just so thrilled that I can talk to her and actually communicate!!! Umm.. Aunt Becky, can, too, and so can Nanny, but Daddy? Not so much. She asked him for her music the other night at bedtime...I could hear them talking over the monitor...it went something like this...

Katie: "Daddy, sucis?"

Brian: "Ehh, circus?"

Katie: "ehh?"

Me, from downstairs, yelling: "Music! She's asking for her music!"

Brian: "ohhh you want your music, Baby?"

Katie: "Yes! Sucis, Daddy!! YES!"

So, lol.. not really a fair example to Daddy, because most words she does say pretty clearly, but that was too funny not to put in here...

Another example of my bright and beautiful one:

As we both peer into the pantry (hey, I was having a hungry day! And Katie loves looking into the pantry, it's one of her favorite places!)

"Mommy, I eat kocklat?"

"Mommy doesn't have any chocolate, sweetie" (with a big sigh, because secretly, that's what i was hoping for)

"Yes, Mommy, ight der! a-hind the ceree-o"

She could see a chocolate chip on the granola bar box, and it was peeking right behind the Cheerios! so guess what she got as a snack? Mmhmm... I couldn't help it, after finding that little bit of kocklat in the pantry, we both sat down and shared a chocolate chip granola bar!! :)

Also, she has informed me that her favorite color at the moment is "purpo"... and her favorite, favorite person in the whole wide world is still "Guy" aka Jonathan David Prell, her big bruvvo. She loves him more then anyone or anything else in her whole life (including me I think) and is overjoyed when she sees the school bus come and drop him off in the afternoons. Her first questions in the morning... "Is Guy donsteers? Is Guy a'skoo?"

The biggest news for Katie Grace is that I have registered her for 3 year old preschool in the fall... That doesn't mean she's going, by the way. I just had to reserve a spot, so I had to put down a deposit. I am not sure she will benefit anymore from going to the preschool then she will benefit from spending those 2 mornings with her Nanny and her Papa which she does right now, and I'm telling you what, she learns a whole bunch of stuff from the time she spends with them, not to mention that time is priceless she gets with my parents. But, because Brian and I were undecided, and we needed to save a spot, we put down the $50 and have registered her for Tuesday and Thursday mornings for September... Like I said, I'm not sure I'm ready for my last baby to be in school just yet. We shall see. :)

I think that's about it for updates from us.. I don't really have many photos to share, I might have one or two of them ... they love each other and are precious an amazing to us.. we are blessed more then we could ever ask or imagine with these two!!! God is amazing!

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