Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Home From Orlando!!!!!!!!!

What a blast we had... Matt Redmond led the worship.. it was incredible.. I can't put into words what the worship experience was like. It was awe-inspiring, moving, amazing! Also Sara Groves was there, she was great too, and the group Salvador (ehh), and the kids group Go Fish.. who are amazing. I bought 2 CD's for Jonathan and he's been rocking out (well, truthfully, so have we) to them ever since.

How do I describe this event? Well, for one thing, any last doubt that I'm doing what God wants for me is completely gone. I am serving in a capacity with amazing women.. godly, loving, encouraging ladies with whom I'm building friendships that will last a lifetime I am sure. The convention itself was full of speaker after speaker that just spoke volumes to us, as moms, as women, that met us individually right where we are. They spoke of ways we can minister to other moms, yes.. that was the whole point of why we went, learning how to improve our own MOPS groups.. but also they spoke of ways for us personally to be refreshed within our own spirits, as moms, wives, friends.. as women.

There were testimonies of other MOPS women who have been involved in groups, and have had different struggles.. one struggled with a drug/alcohol addiction, one was gripped by severe depression, one dealt with the pressures of trying to parent her children alone... all of them had one thing in common.. they were hurting and felt alone, and their MOPS groups were the hands and feet of JESUS to them. Many of the speakers focused on contentment... of unpacking your suitcase right where you are in life.. whether you're struggling with infertility (one of the girls in my group that went is), or facing a scary job change and the possibility of relocating (another girl in our group), or just facing a tough time with whatever situation you're in everyday.. at work, at home, with your child, your husband, any of it... just unpacking your bag right here, stop carrying it around, just unpack, be content and live now with God's provisions and love surrounding you. Contentment was a word we heard a lot of this weekend.

It definitely wasn't all seminars and sessions... we had a blast doing other things too.. like shopping, eating at some fun places, laying by the pool in the hot Florida sun (hello sunburn!), and laughing and talking about... well, I won't say here, but you can imagine 5 girls together.... our conversations were crazy at times, hahaha! We also went to Downtown Disney one night and walked around.. and guess what??? Shopped some more.. (shocker I know!)

Here are a few pictures of us from our fun weekend... (it was 4 whole days away from our families... we all missed them so much! It was great to get home and get loved on by them!)

L-R Jen, Brandy, Tami, Janice, and Me :)

Back Row: Me, Tami,

Front: Jen, Brandy, Janice

Me and Jen! Love her!

These alligators were actually in our hotel.. yeahh, we thought so too.. crazy Florida people! ;)


Carrie said...

I'm glad you had a good time. Looks like a great bunch of gals!

Karianne said...

I'm glad you're back and that you had such a great time. It sounds so worth it!