Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I love music.. it speaks to me in so many ways.. To those of you that know me this comes as no big surprise. If you have your sound on when you visit this blog, you always hear my playlist. I recently changed up the order of the songs on my list, so right now you will hear Matt Redmond singing Blessed Be Your Name first singing.. followed by two songs that I have on my list specifically for my friend Dennise.. she loves these songs, but I have to be honest and say that since I have heard them (I had heard the Mercy Me song but hadn't really known the other).. I have fallen in love with them as well. I had to give that little disclaimer, though. Those songs are specifically hers, I just had to move them up the list so other people are hearing them as well.. they are too beautiful to not be heard!

Oh, and FYI.. this is the weekend we're traveling to meet each other at a huge outlet mall .. and to stay overnight.. I can't wait. (this weekend is sans kids as well!) I'm so excited! :)

Next post I'll have pictures of our get together!

Brian and Jonathan went camping last weekend too and Brian got some beautiful pictures of the beach. I'll get those up as well soon.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful beginning of October.. God bless!

Hugs all around,

PS: To those of you who read here but never leave me a comment (you know you who are ;)... leave me a little lovin'!! hehee)


Anonymous said...

I guess this applies to me....not leaving comments. hehe
I hope everyone enjoys those songs too!!! Only two days away!! Can't wait. *smiles* ---Dennise

Julie said...

*waves* :)

Hope you have a great trip!

Suz said...

Hi Cath!

Hope you had a good time.


Rose said...

Hi Cathy! Wow!!! So glad to have found you.

Anonymous said...

Hello Cath
Nice collection of songs you have here on your trying to sound like a complainer)...but I believe thats Fernando Ortega's version of "Give Me Jesus"