Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Back To Routine / Some fun things to look forward to

Well, with Jonathan going back to school this past week, we are getting back into the swing of life and routine. Brian also started back to his classes, and I started a new job (babysitting 3 afternoons a week for a friend of mine -- I'm able to take Katie with me so it works out great)...

Jonathan is also starting a new kids club at church one weeknight and for me, MOPS is starting back up! (yay! my favorite!) So things are getting busier and I'm getting back to my *happy place* once again.. This summer was long and hard and.. well, let's face it.. it wasn't just the summer. It's been a long and hard season overall, starting with last winter, but by God's grace, I do believe it's becoming a new season and things are starting to look up!

Next week I'm going to Florida for the MOPS convention and while I'm nervous, I'm more excited then anything else to go. It will be fun to go and be refreshed in my spirit as a mom, and also as a woman. We're planning to take a little time off while we're there to go to Disney, which I'm looking forward to (I haven't been since I was 8!)

The other exciting thing is that I'm going to meet a friend in October for a girls weekend... it's a new girlfriend that God has blessed me with and I'm so thankful for her! We are meeting halfway between our homes in the great state of PA and will be shopping, drinking coffee (of course!) and staying overnight. I'm blessed to have a husband who is willing to let me go not only to Orlando for 4 days, but also do this with my girlfriend, sans kids, and is willing to pick up the slack. (Not to mention my beloved parents and sister who are helping out as well both weekends)...

I love the fall.... it's my favorite time of year, and things are starting to look up for me, thanks be to God, for His provisions, and for His new mercies everyday, and for unexpected blessings and friendships, new and old.

Hugs all around. I hope this entry finds you all well and content. xoxo

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Teri said...

Hey there! I have a great time in Florida!