Friday, November 21, 2008


that is the word of the month. It is so evident in so many ways. Not only during this week/month of Thanksgiving, but all through the year.

I had a test that showed the possiblity of some abnormal cells earlier this month..

Today was the day I went for the re-test..

Today everything showed all was clear...

Today I am so thankful... I'd like to say and hope that no matter what the outcome would have been I'd have been typing this post. I want to say my God is bigger then any test, any outcome, and any trial. I pray that is the test of my faith. That when the rubber meets the road, I'm one of *those* Christians -- the ones who when faced with trials of any kind, they stand in grace and love knowing that He is giving grace sufficient to each day and moment. He is so very good.

I am so thankful. God is good, and He is mine. I love Him.


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Melissa said...

I'm so thankful things are fine with your test! Love your new header pic...cute!