Sunday, November 23, 2008

My ABC's of Thankfulness!!

I was rummaging around in some archives of some other bloggers (Kelly, Natalie) ;) and found this! So I thought I'd do my own!!

A ~ America!

B ~ Brian (my handsome husband)

C ~ Chocolate

D ~ Diet Pepsi

E ~ Eternal Life

F ~ Flannel Sheets

G ~ Girlfriends

H ~ House

I ~ Ice Cream.. yummy

J ~ Jesus

K ~ Kristin (my cousin whom I love!)

L ~ Laughing lots!

M ~ My Mom

N ~ Nature

O ~ Obedient children!!!

P ~ Pretty Clothes

Q ~ Quirkiness

R ~ Reading

S ~ Sisters

T ~ Thanksgiving Day

U ~ Umbrellas on a rainy day

V ~ Vanilla Creamer

W ~ Warm Babies

X ~ X-Rated kisses with my husband ;-)

Y ~ Yellow sunny days

Z ~ Zippers as opposed to buttons when we're in a hurry!

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