Friday, August 01, 2008

Surgery Update.

Well. This is not the update i expected to be updating this afternoon.

There was no surgery :( When I got to the hospital, and got prepping for it... all seemed to be well.

Then the nurse came in to tell me there was an emergency and the doctor wasn't able to perform my surgery today and there wasn't anything they could do about it. I'd have to reschedule. It was completely out of my hands.

Well, let me tell you. At first, I was pretty ticked off. I let them know it, too. Here i was, sitting in this hospital bed, in my lovely gown, with the pretty footies on and watching Little House on the Prairie while awaiting the anethesiologist to come in and tell him about a) b) and c), blah blah blah, and x) y) and z) (they all seem so unimportant now)... and bam. It's over. "You may get dressed, now, Mrs. Prell, I'm assuming your husband is on his way, right?"

Me: Are you kidding me right now?

Nope. It wasn't a joke. And here I am, whole as I was this morning, no surgery...

But guess what?

I am overwhelmed with a peace at this moment that is beyond anything I can express in mere words. All I can say is... This wasn't God's plan for me. Not today. Not right now. I have a doctor's visit on Tuesday.. and we're going to go ahead with the surgery.. in a few weeks. But at this moment it doesn't feel as urgent. I'm asking myself.. Did I go ahead of God on this one? Is there a reason for this? I know there is a reason. I may not know it on this earth. However, for today, I'm resting in the knowledge that this one crossed His heavenly desk and he said.. "No" -- not for today anyway. And I'm trusting Him. Because I know He loves me. And I belong to Him.


Wil said...

Hi! I read it.

Melissa said...

Well...I wasn't expecting to read this as an update either. Wow. I love your outlook and trust. Keep us posted on what the dr. says! Love to you!

Karianne said...

You know, all day on Friday I kept thinking and telling those around me that I was forgetting something. And now I know what it was. Your surgery! Looks like the surgeon forgot too! JK
Love you.