Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The night before the night before

I don't have anywhere to put this... and I'm not sure it belongs here. But I don't journal anywhere else. So it's going here.

I've been very emotional and teary this week. I've not felt like myself. It could be because the reason I'm having this surgery has been causing a problem of bleeding and I'm just tired, physically tired-- because of the low iron caused by all the bleeding.

I've not been a good mom lately, because I'm just. tired. Getting my everyday chores done is a major feat in and of itself.

And then there's my little tornado. She flies through the house and seems to be bent on undoing every single thing that I do. Is it always this way or am I just noticing this right now because I'm so tired and not able to keep up with her like normal?

At first glance, the house doesn't look that bad. I have a dishwasher. So the dirty dishes are hidden. And I have a laundry room. So I've just been keeping the clean laundry in the baskets in there. There are just things I can't keep up with at the moment. I just can't.

I'm hoping that after this surgery on Friday, and after the (prayerfully short) recovery, I'm going to feel much better. God willing. If you read this, please pray for me on Friday, and the few days to follow it.

I just wanted to get this out. Thanks for reading.


Melissa said...

Catherine....I'll be praying for you. I'm sorry things are piling up on you. Do take it easy on yourself. I wish I lived close enough to bring you a latte and cinnamon rolls. You know, to help aid in recovery. :)

Melissa said...

thinking of you today! Praying for everything to go well.

Catherine said...

thanks Melissa.. you're a sweet friend ♥