Saturday, August 09, 2008

Morning Cuteness.

At this moment, Jonathan and Kate are sitting on a chair together listening to classical music hahhaa, ok, seriously, they're watching Spectacular Spiderman (rolling eyes).. but being so darn cute together I had to journal it.

He is playing with her hair. So sweetly. She just turned to him and sweetly (oh so sweetly! I wish I'd been videoing this moment to share with them later!)

K:"Oh Guy I love you! That stickles a little but that's OK" yes she said stickles

J: "I love you too Katie

Be still my heart. These are the moments that reward us soooo very much aren't they?

PS: that moment is over, but together they've moved to coloring together at the table. This is the start of a good day! Here's to hoping!!! *thumbs up*

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Anonymous said...

I'm gonna start saying "stickles" in honor of Katie. It is too cute.