Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cathy "needs"

Okay, Carrie, this is just for you! ;)

You go to Google. You type in your name with the word "needs" after it. Then you list the top 15 entries.

The top 5 needs of mine are apparently the following:

1) Cathy needs a Senior HR Mgr from IBM to come talk to her about organization. (Um, I'll admit. I could be a bit more organized. But do I need a Senior Manager to get me going?)

2) Cathy needs to be a role model for her own expectations and standards to set a clear example to others. (hmm, not a bad idea!)

3) Cathy needs no introduction. (Well, that says it all)

4) Cathy needs to get out more. (No doubt!)

5) Cathy needs to make the great leap out of the middle ages (frowny eyebrows at that!)

6) Cathy needs TLC (yep sometimes I do!)

7) Cathy needs a human companion around most of the time (hey I'm a people person!)

8) Cathy needs a man. (Not true! I've got one -- a yummy one, a good one, the best one! ;) )

9) Cathy needs more information (never TMI for me!)

10) Cathy needs to block neurodegeneration and show behavioral recovery in a tauopathy mouse as the next step toward therapy. (uhh, okay. I think I actually have a brain ache now from reading that! :) )

And with that one, I am ending this, because it was brutal finding only 10 things that "Cathy needs" on Google! LOL! So be it. Apparently Cathy only needs 10 today!!! heehee

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