Sunday, March 18, 2007

The nose knows

Okay, weird post alert. I have a nose that can smell anything a mile away. Seriously! You'd think this was a good thing, right?? Uhh, not so much. Try staying in a hotel with me -- that hotel smell - most people can't even begin to understand what I'm talking about! But UGH! I can't stand it! If my baby has a dirty diaper -- I can smell it a floor away -- I swear! My husband thinks I'm crazy, and honestly I can put that same stinky diaper bum right up to his face and he's like *blank look* "Uhh, I don't smell a thing" -- is that just denial, so that he doesn't have to change the diaper???

If someone in the room has smelly feet, if there is something musty about, my nose knows. I truly do drive the people I love crazy with it. "Peeewww! Don't you smell that?"or "Someone stinks" or "do you smell cat poo?" *eyes rolling* I seriously have a problem, and I think most of my friends and family would like to remove my nose smeller.

I think I have to close now -- I can smell something that needs addressing.... ;)

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PiesBonitos said...

That's why I take my monthly bath when I'm about to see you.