Monday, July 20, 2009

Beach/Vacation Pics (part one)

Katie playing in the sand :)

In our hotel room with some friends that had just arrived..

all tuckered out...

Beautiful sky...

playing in the surf..

on the way to the beach..

getting ready..

me and my girl

two sillies..


Karianne said...

that sky pic is gorgeous! the kiddos keep getting bigger and bigger. what fun!

Carrie said...

I love the sky/umbrella pic -- so creative!

I can't believe how much JD is starting to look like Brian! WOWZA!

The sleeping pic is my favorite!

Kelly's Ideas said...

Great pictures - your children are beautiful! We love the beach not too far from us.... 2 miles down the street but for whatever reason we never go... call me crazy! Which Beach did you visit? Looks like fun


Nishant said...

your snaps is too good.......

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Traci said...

What happened to parts 2, 3, etc?

I'm just sayin' ;-)