Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Date Night ~ Need Ideas, Girls!!!

So, each summer, my sister gives us one night a week of free babysitting (I know! How lucky am I?) and Brian and I get to have one night every week that we can go out and be together, just the two of us, and be kid free, and go out to dinner, catch a movie, go for a walk, get an ice cream cone, etc.. but I need some new, fresh ideas. Also, I want to plan fun, spontaneous date nights for us, that won't cost an arm an a leg.. I know, I know, I said plan and spontaneous in the same sentence. But sometimes, we have to plan for the spontaneity don't we, girls?

So, here's where you come in! Give me a few ideas so that I can work them into our weekly dates? Please? I'll be forever grateful!! (And so will he!)

Oh, date nights will be on Thursdays this summer. Starting this week!! :) Yay for my sister, aka Aunt Becky, who is letting us do this. She's the BEST!!!


Traci said...

Go to the lake (sailing??) with a picnic ... Subway? Wine/cheese/grapes?

Bowling. What? I'm super competitive and would love this!!

Karaoke? Not for ME, but I wish I could ... it'd be super fun!

Grand Lady Cruise??

Beaver Island State Park??

Karianne said...

101 Nights of Great Romance is a book that Chris and I have used in the past. There are a range of dates from no cost to a lot of $.

Also, contact your city's chamber of commerce visitor's department. They always have ideas that I've never heard of.

Melissa said...

Love the book idea Karianne suggested...
what a great sister you have!! Have fun...I'm sure you'll think of *something* to do winkwink