Monday, May 11, 2009

A Beautiful Mothers Day!

What a gorgeous day being reminded of my wonderful, beautiful mom and my beautiful babies. I love having a day that I can tell my mom how great she is... I know I don't tell her enough how amazing she is. I have one of the best moms on earth. God has blessed me so much with her. And what an amazing day to look at my babies and breathe an extra thank you to my Father in Heaven for giving them to me. They are so much my life -- and I'm so very thankful. Here are a few photos from our special day -- made extra special by those who love me!
My handsome husband who makes it possible for me to be a mother, thank you baby!
Me and my babes

My beautiful mom and my gorgeous girl ♥

My beautiful mom and my sister and my daughter ~ the girls ;)

All of us ~ a beautiful day

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Karianne said...

It looks like a perfect day for everyone!