Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, my boy Jonathan David

Happy birthday to our big 8 year old!

We love you so much, Jonathan. And we're proud of the boy you're growing into.

You are so precious.. your personality and humor is larger then life. We can't imagine our lives without you. You add so much to all of us!

To me and dad, you are such a big help. You make us laugh. Your jokes are original and you get the delivery just right -- which makes us laugh even more.

You are a wonderful big brother. Always protecting your little sister with fierce loyalty and we love that! We know you get it that family is everything. You are so right.

More then anything, we are so thankful that you love Jesus. We have prayed and prayed that you would have a tender heart.. and it's so evident in all that you do and say. We know that you belong to Jesus, and we are so thankful --- so thankful -- that your heart is His.

As you begin another year, dear Jonathan, we will continue to pray that you will recognize more and more how important God is in your life, and that you will continue to give Him more and more of yourself.

We love you so much, Jonathan! You truly are our gift from God. Happy birthday, Guy!!

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