Sunday, October 16, 2011

Welcome back....

Jonathan and Katie on their first day of school. September 2011

So excited to start school!

Not as excited as his sister.. lol...

Really Mom?

Well, goodNESS. It's been quite some time since I've been here. Well, I've actually been here a few times, but not on the inside here making a new post.

It's been like -- 2 years since I've made a post. My babies are still the most important thing in the world to me. They are now almost 11 (EEK!) and 6. Jonathan is in 5th grade and Katie Grace is in 1st grade.

It's been an interesting couple of years. We are no longer attending the Kenmore Alliance Church -- for reasons I do not wish to blog about :) We then started attending Whitehaven Road Baptist Church for about 1 1/2 years. Now we are attending Northgate Community Church with Brian's parents. I can't say that it will be our final landing place, but for now it's a place to heal and be with family.

The kids are also in a new school. For Jonathan, that means his 4th school. And he is only in 5th grade. For Katie, it is her 2nd school, and she's in 1st. But we believe they are where God wants them to be, and their education (both academic and spiritual) is much better at this new school.
Business First ranked St John Lutheran School of North Tonawanda 7th out of 280 schools in WNY. We have some friends who attend there and have loved it. We are into October -- about 6 weeks into the school year and we feel we have made the right decision.  It's definitely more challenging academically, and the spiritual aspect beats the old school hands down. We are all working hard to adjust but by God's grace we are doing it! :)

I've added a few pictures from their first day of school last month....

I will backtrack to this past summer and show vacation pics and Katie's b-day pictures in the posts to come. I'm trying to get back into journaling our lives so my kids have something to look back on in the years to come -- and know how much their Momma loved them.  Even if no one else ever reads this blog but me (and eventually, my children) -- I will be thankful I took the time to chronicle the events of their little lives.

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