Monday, April 13, 2009

Some bowling fun...

OK, so Brian and I discovered how lame we are, and we'd never taken them bowling! {Recently discovered when we started *bowling* together on the Wii. cough.} So over this spring break weekend, we took them on their first bowling trip! You can't imagine the excitement, LOL!
Daddy helping Katie bowl...

Katie watching it rollllll down the lane.. (it took forever)

Go Jonathan!!


Had some pretty good music going there, too.. when they weren't bowling, they were dancing!

she loved waiting for the balls to come back (almost as fun as bowling and dancing!)

Daddy's girl!

Momma's Girl too! :)


Carrie said...

Holy cow, that Katie pony-tail is SUPER long! When did that happen?!

I love JD dancing - he is adorable!

I love your shirt, but your sexy shoes take the trophy. ROFL

Kelly's Ideas said...

Great pictures...always fun

Melissa said...

you know---we've only bowled a couple times with our kids....maybe this will prompt me to take them soon! Looks like so much guys are great togehter, aren't you? I can feel the love through the pics :)