Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!!

Katie so excited at school for her Valentines Day party!

Jonathan with his teacher for their Valentines party

I got to spend some time with him at school that day too!


Delena said...

Hey! I saw I had another follower and just about peed my pants in excitment because you're the first one I don't know yet! Yeehah! So then I had to cyberstalk you. :) Love the music on your blog and the layout is adoarable.

Melissa said...

The above commenter is a warned. :) LOL I wish you could meet her in person...I know you'd love her.

KrayonKel said...

Check out the Happy Blog! I have a question for everyone!

Karianne said...

Looks like a love fest going on over there!