Monday, August 20, 2007

What A Party It Was!

It was a blast! The princess had a wonderful time.. it was quieter then we're used to around here, but it was a good time anyway..She was thrilled with her new kitchen.. went right to work cooking and serving us coffee and corn on the cob, hehee... What a joy it is to watch her right now.. She is a blessing for sure. Terrible twos here we come!!! ;)


Carrie said...

She is so adorable! I love her in her little chef's hat, cooking on the stove. I can see the joy on everyone's faces... what a beautiful blessing Miss Katie is! Thank you for sharing your photos with us!

Karianne said...

You can't go wrong with a Blues Clues Birthday! She is getting so big!

You weren't in WA state today driving a black Honda were you? :) A lady turned in front of me while I was at a red light, talking on her cell with a black and white polka dot headband in her hair that could have been your twin!

Melissa said...

very very fun. She's such a doll! I love seeing photos of real reminds me that life is lived in the minute details.